Zong Value Monthly Khas Voice Offer, Value Monthly Social & Value Monthly Social Plus Offer

Zong presents Special Khaas offers for its customers. These are Zong Value Monthly Voice Offer, Value Monthly Social & Value Monthly Social Plus. It is important to know that these offers are only for selected customers at a special discount price. Only the user who gets a text message from Zong is eligible to subscribe to the offer at a special price.


If you have received an SMS like this then hurry up and grab this offer.

 Zong Khas Special Offers

Today I received this SMS on my Zong number. I wondered if it was only for me or it was for all Zong customers. So, I contacted the Zong helpline and it was confirmed that only selected users are eligible for this offer.

 Khas offer only for selected customers

Let’s check the details of these packages one by one.

Zong Value Monthly Voice Offer

The Value Monthly Voice Offer offers a huge amount of Zong minutes for the whole month. The normal price of this bundle is Rs. 88 But if you receive this message then you’re good to go. You can get it for just Rs. 48.

‘’Ab Value Monthly Voice offer k 3000 Zong min (100 min rozana)se pooray mahinay ki befiqri sirf Rs. 48 balance mein. Abhi *2323# dial karain and calls kartay jaen’’

Normal PriceRs. 88
Special PriceRs. 48
Incentives3000 Zong Minutes (100 Daily)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*2323#

Value Monthly Social

The Value Monthly Social Offer delivers decent on-net minutes with 1GB  not for only WhatsApp and Facebook but also for YouTube. This is a customized package for selected users that they can get only in Rs. 18. That’s amazing!  Lucky users will get this message on their numbers.

“Zong laya khas Value Monthly Social Offer jis mein milain 200 Zong min+1GB(WhatsApp+Facebook+YouTube) 30 din k liye sirf Rs.18 k balance mein. Dial*5656#.”

Special PriceRs. 18
Incentives200 Zong Minutes+1GB(WhatsApp+Facebook+YouTube)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*5656#

Value Monthly Social Plus Offer

Value Monthly Social Plus Offer is for those who need a good volume of on-net minutes with fair data MBs. With this package, you can enjoy free 300 Zong minutes and 3GB of WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook for the entire month at a price of Rs. 60. Only selected customers will be able to get this customized offer.

“Abhi Value Monthly Social Plus Offer laagaen aur payen 300 Zong min + 3GB(WhatsApp+Facebook+YouTube) pooray 30 din k liye sirf Rs.60 k balance mein. Dial*4455#.”

Special PriceRs. 60
Incentives300 Zong Minutes + 3GB (WhatsApp+Facebook+YouTube)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*4455#

Want to grab this offer? Wait, read it first!

I wanted to activate that has a price of Rs. 18. I didn’t have credit at that time and I did not want to do an easy load as the minimum amount is Rs. 50 that can be loaded. So I dialed *911# to get advance load. After receiving a loan of Rs. 25 I dialed the activation code *5656# and the offer was activated.

Zong loan

More Offers

Another thing I did was that I activated Zong Balance Lock from My Zong App to ensure that when I turn on my mobile data it doesn’t use data for other apps. I repeated the same procedure to be sure that the Zong Balance Saver Service is activated and it was confirmed by the message that I already had this service. Now, I was able to simply turn on mobile data. It only uses data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube and that is exactly what I want!!

Zong Balance Saver offer

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