Zong All-In-One Packages 2021 | 3-Days, Weekly, 15-Days & Monthly Hybrid Bundles

Hybrid or all-in-one Bundles are those where you get all your needs of internet data, minutes, and SMS in one package. If the internet is your requirement but along with the internet you also need on-net, off-net minutes and SMS you should check Zong All In One Packages and choose the one which suits you more. Otherwise, you will have to get separate offers for data, minutes, and SMS that can also put a burden on your pocket.

Zong Super Cards are also a reliable choice to avail more benefits in one package. But not all of us are a fan of these easy cards. So, for these users, we have a list of Zong all in one packages here.

Zong Hybrid All In One Packages

Zong 3-Days Hybrid / All In One Packages

In Zong’s 3-day hybrid bundle customers get 1GB of data with 1000 Zong to Zong minutes. Although it lacks other network minutes and SMS but keeping in mind its price it can be a good option for many users.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation Code
3-Day Hybrid BundlePKR 50Data: 1GB
On-Net: 1000 minutes

Zong Weekly Hybrid / All In One Packages

Zong has launched many weekly all-in-one bundles for its customer’s convenience. From budget to first-class offers, the company has tried to make their subscribers’ lives easy with some great offers like the Stay at Home Bundle and Haftawar Load Offer.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation Code
Weekly Stay At Home BundlePKR 100Data: 10GB (6 AM to 6 PM)
On-Net: 1000 minutes (6 AM to 6 PM)
All In One WeeklyPKR 200Data: 2.5GB
On-Net: 1000 minutes
Off-Net: 40
SMS: 1000
*6464# > 4 > 1 > 2
Haftawar Load OfferPKR 270Data: 12GB (6GB from 1 to 9AM)
On-Net: 5000 minutes
Off-Net: 80
SMS: 5000
Super Weekly PremiumPKR 340Data: 30GB
On-Net: 3000 minutes
Off-Net: 100
SMS: 3000

Zong 15-Days Hybrid / All In One Packages

For users who need any offer above a week but less than a month, Zong’s 15-Days Hybrid Offer is just perfect. It offers a healthy amount of internet MBs with a decent number of minutes, and that too for all networks.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation Code
Zong Combo PackPKR 200Data: 3GB
All-Net: 50 minutes

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Zong Monthly Hybrid / All In One Packages

Finally, You have enough monthly all-in-one bundles to choose from if you did not like anyone from the above list. You can select anyone according to your budget and needs. However, for routine usage, Monthly Super Star Offer is a great choice. On the other hand, if you need more resources, you can go with the Monthly Super or Monthly Supreme offer.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation Code
Monthly Whatsapp Plus OfferPKR 90Data: 4GB (For WhatsApp)
On-Net: 200 minutes
Off-Net: 20
Monthly Social BundlePKR 190Data: 12GB (For WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO)
On-Net: 250 minutes
Off-Net: 25
Star Pre-Load Monthly (Only For Power Pack SIM Users)PKR 500Data: 2.5GB
On-Net: 1000 minutes
Off-Net: 50
SMS: 1000
Activate Online
Monthly Super Star OfferPKR 500Data: 8GB
On-Net: 3000 minutes
Off-Net: 400
SMS: 3000
Monthly Supreme OfferPKR 850Data: 12GB
On-Net: 5000 minutes
Off-Net: 300
SMS: 5000
Value Pre-Load Monthly (Only For Power Pack SIM Users)PKR 1000Data: 5GB
On-Net: 2000 minutes
Off-Net: 150
SMS: 1500
Activate Online
Gold Pre-Load 3-Months (Only For Power Pack SIM Users)PKR 1000Data: 8GB
On-Net: 8000 minutes
Off-Net: 200
SMS: 3000
Activate Online
Monthly Super OfferPKR 1300Data: 30GB (6GB YouTube 4GB WhatsApp)
On-Net: 5000 minutes
Off-Net: 300
SMS: 5000

How to check remaining resources in Zong?

Check remaining resources in Zong by dialing following codes:-
  • Dial *102*1# for a summary only.
  • *102*2# for SMS.
  • *102*3# is for Minutes.
  • Dial *102*4# for internet MBs.

You can also download My Zong App to keep track of all your resources with lots of other amazing features free of cost.

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