How to Get Ufone FREE Internet – August 2021

Ufone is a Pakistani network. It offers affordable packages to its customers. But sometimes you need some free MBs. We’ve already explained how you can get Free Internet Data on other networks including Jazz, Zong, and Telenor.

Now it’s Ufone’s turn. If you are a customer of Ufone or you own a Ufone SIM that is not being used but you’re wondering if you can get any Free MBs on that? Let’s disclose some legit ways for you to get free data today!

Just a reminder that we don’t want to waste your precious time by providing any false information like using any illegal VPN or fake codes which at least I’ve not seen working any time!!!

Currently, we know 4 methods to get Free Internet in Ufone.

Ufone free internet mbs

Get FREE Internet through U Wallet/UPaisa App.

UPaisa app is an all-in-one solution for all your financial transactions. It works like the EasyPaisa app that is owned by Telenor. Apart from those advantages, you can also get free MBs on opening UPaisa account.

Open UPaisa wallet by dialing *786# or downlaod UPaisa app from the play store or apple store. After you open your Upaisa wallet and purchase a Ufone load of Rs: 100 or more you will get 1GB free internet, 1000 Ufone/PTCL minutes and 1000 local SMS from Ufone. The validity is 24 hours.  To purchase load dial *786*4*1# .

Get FREE Internet through My Ufone App.

My Ufone app is a great platform to keep an eye on all your available resources like your balance, remaining minutes, SMS, and data MBs. But if you haven’t installed this app yet it’s the perfect time to do so. It’s because Ufone is rewarding with 1GB of free internet data to those customers who install Ufone app.


However, as per helpline, Ufone checks the number and gives free MBs to some selected numbers. What’s the criteria of selecting those numbers? Only Ufone can tell better but you can still try!

Get FREE Internet through Ufone SIM Lagao Offer

Ufone wants its customers to be back on their network. So to do that they have a plan. This is to give you free resources so you can put your inactive SIM back in your cell phone and use it.

If you activate your Ufone SIM that was off for more than 30 days, you’ll get 6000 MBs data with 6000 Ufone minutes and 6000 SMS. To get this offer you have to dial *5000# (no charges) from the same number.

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Get FREE Internet through Ufone New SIM Offer or By Switching Your Network to Ufone

To grow its network fast, Ufone encourages you to buy their new SIM or switch your network to Ufone. If you do so, you’ll be provided free MBs.

With Ufone’s new SIM offer the company provides 4 GB of Internet Date (including 1GB for WhatsApp and 1GB for Facebook) absolutely free and 1000 on-net minutes for 7 days. Furthermore, more data, minutes and SMS are provided when you recharge Rs. 75, 100 or 250. Get more details about this amazing offer here.

Besides that, if you purchase a Ufone Data SIM, you will get 1GB FREE internet for 30 days.

Get FREE Internet through Ufone FREE Basics

With Ufone network, you can enjoy some website free. These include Facebook, Messenger, WikiHow, Wikipedia, Accuweather, Bing and Girl Effect. This offer has no subscription charges. You will have to select Free Basics Mode to use this offer.

The service is available on Android app and browser and on iOS browser only. Opera Mini and UC Browser do not support this service.

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