Ufone Call Packages Hourly, Daily , Weekly and Monthly offer Prepaid and Postpaid 2021

All Ufone Call Packages Prepaid & Postpaid 2021

Good News for Ufone Customers looking to know more regarding Ufone Call Packages hourly Daily, Weekly and Monthly packages that are prepaid and postpaid 2021 to speak to family and friends. Pak Telecom Mobile Limited or Ufone is a Pakistani GSM mobile service provider.


Ufone Call Packages Hourly, Daily , Weekly and Monthly


It is only the 3rd mobile company to be a part of the Pakistani market. It began business under the brand name Ufone in Islamabad on the 29th of January 2001. PTML is an entirely owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Call *5556# for 30 minutes Ufone/PTCL 30MB internet, 30MB and 30 SMS.


Ufone Plan for Prepaid Phone 2021



For users who pay with Prepaid, There is a range of calling packages, including monthly, daily and monthly. Hourly name packages are designed ideal for people who cannot afford the capacity to purchase a whole week or day-long package. It is also for students who wish to talk with their classmates about the project or challenge. Below is the small image of each phone bundle (Prepaid).

Ufone Super Card Family

This Ufone Super Card family brings to you savings as well as security for the whole month! You can choose to subscribe to a wide range of services that cater to all your requirements or purchase the Super Card Plus to enjoy all options at a low cost.

If you’re wondering what you can do to avail of Ufone Super offers or purchase Super Card online, look at the below offers and type in your mobile number to join.


Ufone Super Card Family


Ufone Hourly Call Package

The Power Hour

Ufone also offers U2U apps that are hourly to those who have had enough of talking to strangers for a long time. These call packages that are low-cost made possible by Ufone will bring close to you your loved ones. If you need to talk about a significant issue with your family members, make use of Ufone’s hourly or U2U and share your thoughts.


Ufone Hourly Call Package


Beyhisaab Offer

Ufone offers a variety of special everyday name packages for callers. If you love talking to your family and friends, most likely, the daily call packages are perfect for you. Have fun talking to your friends for hours because the familiar names packages include many minutes. In a balance of 10, Ufone offers beautiful call offers to you. You can vary them in terms of length, duration, and price. See the below packages for more information.


Beyhisaab Offer


Super Sasta Package

Confident people do not wish to endure the hassle of paying for a subscription repeatedly. For those who don’t, weekly call packages are ideal. You can sign up today and enjoy a stress-free call throughout the week. These names programs change in both charge and time. You can choose the name program in line with your preferences. Check out the details.


Super Sasta Package


The Postpaid Phone Packages of Ufone

Ufone Postpay Prime packages 150 per cent off for the first three months following your subscription.

Ufone will not forget about its postpaid users. They also offer some great applications for postpaid users. A customer with prepaid can choose from a variety of unique name packages. They’re all within your budget since Ufone takes care of your money just like you do. Below is the information for postpaid calling packages.

Incredible discount on postpay Prime packages

You can avail of 50% off on online rent for Ufone Prime package 600 or over for the first three months following your subscription.

This offer is only available for a short time.

The offer will only be available to new Postpay customers.


The Postpaid Phone Packages of Ufone


Ufone provides its customers with various name plans that offer good benefits.
Most people are using the call package these days. Sure gifts are recharge-only and cards. The rates for facilities range between 5 and 599 rupees. The validity period for this program is a month, a week or just a single day. These Network Features for which Ufone offers programs include On-Net Minutes Off-Net Minutes, SMS, along Internet Data.

The call bundles come with additional features in the majority of their fortunes.
Ufone’s “Behisaab’ package provides unlimited On-Net Free Minutes that can be used for a whole day. The useful day-to-day Ufone 24 Ghantay bundle offers 86400 minutes to customers, not just for On-Net calls, but also Vfone and PTCL for just 8.99 rupees.

The Ufone “Asli Chappar Phar” offer for the week is 1GB of net data and 100 Free SMS, along with 100 minutes of On-Net for just 80 rupees. The only packs that permit users to benefit from all points comprise Ufone Super Recharge Pack, Ufone Super Mini Card, Ufone Super Card, and Ufone Super Card Plus, and they cost around 299, 45 5, 520, and 45 in total. The exclusive Ufone mini card comes with a validity time. Pakistan provides these cards for weekly, daily, or month-to-month time duration.

They include two advantages:
Free On-Net minutes and SMS. The program’s fees also have taxes, phrases, and conditions are available in the vicinity, thanks to the assistance from Ufone. Ufone network.


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