7 Proven Methods to Get Telenor FREE Internet MBs in August 2021

Telenor customers can get FREE Internet by 3 methods. We are going to explain those methods below but before going into the details of these methods we’d like to remind you that these are the simple but genuine ways to get FREE internet in today’s date. We will not include any fake codes or tricky ways to use proxies or anything like that.

Telenor free internet

Get Free Telenor Internet Through My Telenor App.

The first and most favorite method to get free data in Telenor is through its popular mobile application My Telenor app. There are many ways to get free data through this app. Let’s explore these ways.

Download My Telenor App and Get Free Internet MBs

First, you have to download the My Telenor app on your mobile. To download it now, click on the button below.

My Telenor app registration free internet mbs

Once you complete the registration successfully, Telenor welcomes you with 2GBs FREE internet data for three days. This data can be used only between 12 AM to 6 PM. Therefore, it will be great if you activate another offer with it so you can use this offer after 6 PM. If you don’t activate any other bundle, don’t forget to turn your data off at 6’o clock sharp!

Claim FREE MBs Daily from My Telenor App.

The other method is to visit this app daily and claim your reward every day by simply clicking on the icon of ‘FREE MBs’. 0.1 paisa is required in your account to claim Free MBs.

You will get 20MBs free on the first day, 30 MBs on the second day, 40 MBs on the third day, 50 MBs on the fourth day, 75 MBs on the fifth day, 100 MBs on the sixth day, and 150 MBs on the seventh day.

Don’t miss a day to claim your free internet data. Otherwise, your reward circle will start from the first day if you miss 1 or more days.

Get FREE MBs by Playing Telenor Test Your Skills

The 3rd method to get free MBs is also a simple one. You can get 1500 MBs free by this method. Telenor offers an exciting general knowledge game known as Test Your Skills for its customers. Customers can get free internet MBs by answering these questions correctly every day. These questions are revised every mid-night at 12 AM.

Normally, by correctly answering all questions customers get 50MBs but on some special occasions, Telenor increases the number of MBs for its users. You must have at least 1 paisa in your account to play Test Your Skills.

Get FREE MBs by Updating My Telenor App.

Telenor frequently updates its My Telenor app. So when any customer updates his app, he gets 2GB completely free. Also if you keep using the My Telenor app regularly, many times Telenor gifts you 2GB internet for 3 days.

Get FREE Internet by Recharging from Easypiasa App.

Easypaisa is another famous app by Telenor. If you have not downloaded this yet, get it from here. With many other benefits, you can also get free MBs by using this app.

All you have to do is just do an easy load from the Easypaisa app to your number. Currently, Telenor is providing 200MBs and 200 on-net minutes on a load of Rs: 100 with a 24 hours validity.

Telenor free internet on easyload

Also on successful easy load transaction, the icon of ‘RECHARGE BOUNUS’ is highlighted on My Telenor app homepage, you need to tap on it to claim random FREE MBs.


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Get FREE Internet Through Telenor SIM Lagao Offer

Get free internet through Telenor SIM Lagao Offer. If you have not used your Telenor SIM since 12 July 2020, you can get 3000 Telenor minutes (50 minutes daily) with 10GB internet (not useable between 7 PM to 12 AM) for 60 days.

To activate this offer dial *2222# from your Telenor SIM or SMS ‘FREE’ to 2222. Charges are only 0.2 paisas. Get complete details about this offer here.

Get FREE Internet Through Telenor New SIM Offer

Buying a new Telenor SIM can also give you Free internet MBs. Telenor presents 1GB of data for 7 days as a welcome reward for those customers who buy a new Telenor SIM. Moreover, Rs: 15 balance is also credited to your new SIM as a gift.

You don’t have to dial any codes to obtain this offer as it is auto-applied on all new SIMs. You can read about this offer in detail here.

So, that’s how you can get Free Internet Data in Telenor at-present. We’ll keep updating our article once we find some new ways to grab free MBs in Telenor.

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