Telenor Facebook Packages | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Facebook Offers [2021]

Telenor has introduced many dedicated Facebook packages for Facebook users. If you are a Telenor user, then daily, weekly and monthly Facebook offers are available for you at affordable prices. Just activate and enjoy Facebook on the go!

Facebook has become the most important social application in the lives of a lot of internet users. It’s a fact that many internet users in Pakistan only know how to use Facebook. They want to share their special moments with their Facebook friends in the shape of pictures and videos. So to get this done, you need the Facebook package around the clock.

Telenor Facebook Packages

Telenor Facebook Packages

The plus point is that if you activate a Facebook package, you can use this data on WhatsApp too. This is because along with Facebook, WhatsApp is another popular social application. So, to use both Facebook and WhatsApp you need to get anyone bundle mentioned below. You can activate these package by shortcode or through My Telenor app.

Telenor Daily Facebook Package

If you only need a daily Facebook bundle then Telenor’s daily Social Pack can help you. You can get this offer only for Rs: 2.5.

Daily Social Pack

Activation Code*311#
PriceRs: 2.5
Data Volume70MB
Validity1 Day

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Telenor 3-Day Facebook Packages

Users who want to get a 3-day package can activate Telenor 3-Day Social package in Rs:40. Users will receive 100MB for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter, 50MB internet with 250 Telenor 25 other network minutes, and also 250 SMS.

Activation Code*5*3#
Data Volume100MBfor WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter with 50MB internet 250 on-net and 25 off net minutes and 250 SMS
Validity3 Days

Telenor Weekly Facebook Packages

You can get 350 MBs for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter in Telenor Weekly Social Package. Additionally, you will get 100MB internet, 1000 Telenor 70 other network minutes, and 700 SMS for the whole week.

Activation Code*5*7#
PriceRs: 90
Data Volume350MBfor WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter +100 MB Internet with 1000 on net and 70 off net minutes and 700 SMS
Validity7 Days

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Telenor Monthly Facebook Packages

Telenor introduces two Monthly Facebook packages to meet the requirements of all its user. In Monthly Social Pack you get 3GB for Facebook and WhatsApp in 50 rupees. You can re-activate this offer within the validity period. However, if you want to subscribe to this bundle 3rd time in the same period rupees 55 will be charged.

On the other hand, in the second offer that is Monthly Social Pack Plus you can enjoy 5GB for Facebook and WhatsApp in rupees: 85. All prepaid customers are eligible for these offers.

Monthly Social Pack

Activation Code*911#
PriceRs: 44.45
(Load Rs:50)
Data Volume3GB for Facebook & WhatsApp (With 100MB Internet)
Validity30 Days

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Monthly Social Pack Plus

Activation Code*660#
PriceRs: 75
Data Volume5GB for Facebook & WhatsApp (With 10,000 SMS)
Validity30 Days

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Terms and Conditions

  • Resources & their validity from multiple subscriptions of this offer are independent of each other and will not merge
  • This offer can be subscribed multiple times within validity.
  • If resources finish before the bundle expires, customer will be charged at Rs 1/MB incl. tax till the bundle expires.
  • All Telenor GSM Prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • This bundle will not be renewed once it expires.
  • Call Setup Charges are not applicable for this bundle.
  • Price & Resources may vary based on geographic location.

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