Telenor Data SIM Packages 2021

Telenor is a leading Telecom company in Pakistan. The company is committed to provide quality mobile service across Pakistan. Telenor has a wide range of call, SMS, and internet packages. Likewise, Telenor offers its data SIM or sometimes known as Internet SIM with many packages. You can use this sim in your handset, tablet, or laptop, etc.

Sometimes when you just keeping using data and do not realize that your data volume is over and all your balance is also finished you just hope that you did not have balance in the SIM. I’ve seen a lot of people using a separate SIM only for internet use. Data SIMs have separate packages which are cheaper than normal SIM internet packages that also encourages to get a data SIM for internet use.

Telenor data sim packages and offers

Telenor Data SIM Monthly Packages

Telenor has offered various monthly packages for data SIM users. So, if you’re an extensive data user, just activate any package of your choice and enjoy it for the whole month!

4G Monthly Value

4G Monthly Value is best for the heavy internet users. Its price is a bit high but at the same time, data volume is also sky-scraping. However, Only Customers on Telenor Hotspot Prepaid Package are eligible for this offer.

Data Volume150GB
Activation Code*345*1003#
Validity30 Days

You can activate this package online by clicking here.

  • This offer can be activated by recharging through Internet Easyload or through Self Service by connecting to your 4G hotspot device interface.
  • This bundle can be subscribed more than once a month.
  • Bundle prices shown are recharge face values with no extra deductions.

Monthly Smart

Telenor has a smart monthly package for smart people. If you need a sensible amount of data but not exceeding more than 150GB. Monthly smart is the package you need to activate. But it is to be noted that extra 75GB of data can only be used between 1 AM to 7 AM.

Data Volume75GB (With additional 75GB 1AM to 7AM)
Activation Code*345*1002#
Validity30 Days

To activate online, click on the button below.

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Monthly Lite

For moderate internet users, Telenor Monthly Lite can be a beneficial choice. This offer is not too costly nor too basic. You can get Telenor superior 4G experience in just 1500 rupees with a validity of 30 days.

Data Volume30GB (With additional 30GB 1AM to 7AM)
Activation Code*345*1001#
Validity30 Days

To activate online, click on the button below.

Monthly Starter

The monthly Starter bundle is for those who do not need much amount of data. But they still want to remain in connect so this package is an answer to their needs. Activate only in rupees 750 and have a reasonable data of 15GB for 30 days.

Data Volume15GB
Activation Code*345*2002#
Validity30 Days

To activate online, click on the button below.

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