SCOM Daily & Monthly SMS Packages 2021 with Activation Code

Most of the SCOM’s Easy cards, and some call packages have the SMS bundles included by default. So if your requirement is also minutes, and internet MBs with SMS, you should check monthly easy cards offered by the company. However, if you need an exclusive SMS bundle, that is also available in this breakdown of SCOM SMS packages.

SCO is a cellular service provider with the mantra of JAHAN AAP WAHAN SCO. The company operates under the Ministry of IT Government of Pakistan. SCO is the most extensive telecom network that equally focuses on urban and rural areas development.

SCOM offers telecom services to the public sector as well as private (general populous) in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. SCO has achieved the Significant Market Player (SMP) by PTA in recognition of its services.

SCOM Daily SMS Package

scom sms packages daily monthly and activation code

Scom daily SMS package combines on-net minutes and internet data with 100 SMS. If you want a package just for a single day. You can activate this bundle and take the advantage of free minutes and internet MBs along with SMS.

PriceResourcesShort Code
Rs: 12100 SMS
1000 on-net minutes
50MB Data

SCOM Monthly SMS Packages

Currently, two monthly SMS offers are available in SCOM. The first one is a purely SMS offer that provides 3000 SMS only. But in our point of view, it is an overpriced bundle in Rs. 100 when we compare it with the second offer. The second bundle SCO monthly SMS package with WhatsApp awards you not only unlimited SMS (fup 20,000 SMS) but also presents 300 MBs for WhatsApp in Rs. 50 only.

SCO Monthly SMS Package

PriceResourcesShort Code
Rs: 1003000 SMS*725#

SCOM Monthly SMS Package with WhatsApp

PriceResourcesShort Code
Rs: 50Unlimited (FUP 20,000) SMS
WhatsApp 300 MB

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SCOM Student Package

Student package gives you not only SMS but also internet data, on-net and off-net minutes. So, this can be an all-in-one solution for many users. Check if it fits well in your criteria.

PriceResourcesShort Code
Rs: 3005000 SMS
1GB Data
250 on-net
50 off-net minutes

What is the code to activate SCOM SMS Packages?

Dial *725# and follow the instructions.

How to check the remaining SMS?

Dial *125#. Reply with 1 for details. (No charges). You can also download SCOM Mobile App to check your remaining resources including SMS free of cost.

Terms & Conditions

  • GST (17%) is applied on all tariffs as per policy in AJ&K.
  • Rs 0.45 Per Minute Roaming Charges on all roaming subscriber in AJ&K and GB
  • Limited time offers, offer is subject to change anytime.
  • Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like SIM, device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site, etc.
  • SMS Buckets do not include International SMS.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

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