Scom 4G Internet Settings 2021 – Android & iOS (iPhone)

In this article, we’ll explain how to get Scom Internet settings for Android & iOS (iPhone).

The SCO (Special Communications Organization) is a public sector organization that started its services in 2004. The cellular network operates in far-flung areas of Gilgit Biltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. In some areas of AJ&K and GB SCOM is only a services provider. SCO is maintained by the Pakistan Army and operated by the Ministry of IT & Telecommunication of Pakistan.

Did You Know?
You don’t have to enter settings manually to use the internet every time as you get them automatically by an SMS. If you buy a new Scom SIM or change your mobile set, the system automatically identifies the brand and the model of your phone and sends the required internet settings. After you receive the new internet settings just save them and enjoy the internet on the go!

 If your mobile phone doesn’t pick the settings automatically, you can add Scom internet settings manually. 

scom internet settings

Scom Internet Settings/Configuration

  1. Go to the Main menu.
  2. Tap Settings> Wireless and networks> Mobile Networks.
  3. Now Tap Access Point Names (APN)
  4. Then press menu button
  5. Tap New APN and add the following parameters:-

Scom 4G


scointernet (all lower case letters)


410 (should be there by default)


05 (use whatever is there by default)

APN Type




  • You can leave all the other fields as they are.
  • Press the menu button and select Save.

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Scom Internet Settings Via Call

You can Call on Scom Helpline on 111 726 726 and the Scom staff will help you configure your handset for Scom Internet Settings.

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