Scom 4G EVO Wingle Internet Packages [Dongle & MiFi]

While there is a fascination with the internet everywhere and all mobile networks have launched their WiFi devices. Likewise, Scom is no more behind in this race. SCO has offered Scom Dongle and Scom MiFi devices with amazing packages to provide high-speed 4G internet access to its customers.

Scom network is more popular in remote areas of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir where other networks are generally not available or their services are not that up to mark.

Scom 4G evo device packages dongle and mifi

Scom 4G EVO Wingle Internet Packages [Dongle & MiFi]

PackageData VolumePrice (Per Month)
Monthly 50 GB50 GBPKR 1000+Tax
Monthly 150 GB150 GBPKR 1500+Tax
Monthly 200 GB200 GBPKR 3500+Tax
Monthly 300 GB300 GBPKR 4500+Tax
Monthly 400 GB400 GBPKR 5000+Tax
Monthly 500 GB500 GBPKR 6000+Tax
3 Months Bundle 175 GB / MonthPKR 4000+Tax
3 Months Bundle 2 200 GB / MonthPKR 8000+Tax
6 Months Bundle200 GB / MonthPKR 9000+Tax

Price of Scom EVO Wingle Dongle & MiFi

You can enjoy considerable WiFi data packages with Scom’s device packages. These packages are not available in your regular SIMs. Scom presents 2 types of devices.  The current price of Dongle is Rs: 1500 where Scom MiFi has been priced at Rs: 2800.

Scom DongleRs: 1500
Scom MiFiRs: 2800

Prices may change when you’re reading this. Visit Scom official website or call at 111-726-726 for further details.

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Features Of SCO 4G MiFi Device
    • Simple press n play – No software installation!
    • It can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices all together.
    • Rechargeable Battery (Network Dependent).
Features Of SCO 4G Dongle Device
    • USB internet modem which can be easily plugged-in.
    • Instant internet access on-the-go.
    • It can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices all together.

How to recharge my Scom device?

You can visit your nearest Scom service center or franchise to recharge your Scom device.

How to subscribe Scom device internet package?

You can subscribe or unsubscribe Scom bundle through any of these steps:

  • Call 111 726 726.
  •  Visit nearest Service center/franchise/retailer.

How to check remaining Internet Data MBs in SCOM device?

There are 2 methods to check remaining internet MBs in SCO 4G Wingle Device:-

The first one is to simply call at 111-726-726 and ask the representative to provide you information about remaining resources of your device. After collection of necessary information, representative will be able to inform you about the left over sources of your device.

The other method is where you can check your remaining data through an IP address. This IP address will be mentioned on your Device. It will be something in digits like

  1. Put this ID in Google Chrome address bar.
  2. Hit enter.
  3. Enter the password. (It will be ‘admin’ if you’ve not changed it)
  4. Click on the icon ‘USSD’
  5. Click on ‘Query balance’
  6. A short message will appear in ‘Content’ box displaying your current balance and expiry date.
  7. Write ‘1’ in the box ‘Reply to’
  8. Press Reply.

Now, you will receive an SMS in a moment about remaining internet MBs with expiry date in your inbox. To check your inbox click on the ‘Message Icon’ on top of the screen.

Only perform all this activity in Google Chrome. If you’re using Mobile; Select the “PC” option on the bottom of homepage then tap on ‘USSD’ and repeat the steps mentioned-above.


You can also enable your own data monitor option on this portal. In this way you won’t need to perform all the steps mentioned-above to inquire about your data. To enable data monitor option follow these steps after login:-

  1. Click on “Statistics”
  2. Select the data type as “Data”
  3. Set your data plan, like if you have activate 50GB per month plan. Write 50 and select GB.

Now you’ll be able to see used data and remaining data volume on home screen.

You can also select a reminder by selecting that after how much data consumption it should remind you like I have selected a reminder when 90% data is exhausted.

Data usage is approximate only in this ‘Bonus’ section. For actual usage, please refer to your network operator occasionally and compare it with this resource either it is measuring accurate data usage or not.

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