PTCL CharJi & EVO Internet Packages 2021

In this article, you will learn about PTCL CharJi and EVO Internet packages. We will update you about PTCL devices too.

Life has become fast, and you can’t stick to your home to use the internet with your normal internet connection. So, having a portable internet device has got significant importance. That can ease your tension of speedy internet availability anytime, no matter where you are at that time.

ptcl charji and evo internet packages

PTCL is an important internet provider in Pakistan. With its fast-growing in not only cities but also in far-flung areas, it has got internet users’ attention. With the passage of time,  PTCL has also upgraded its services and today it is effectively competing with other big names in its industry. 

Now, let’s talk about the latest PTCL CharJi & EVO Internet packages.

EVO 3.1 Mbps Packages

According to PTCL official statement: This is an obsolete service that has been discontinued. So it means that PTCL has officially discontinued these packages.

EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps Packages

There are two types of EVO Wingle 9.3 devices available.

  1. EVO Wingle
  2. EVO Nitro Cloud-Share
Features of EVO Wingle 9.3Features of EVO Nitro Cloud-ShareSystem RequirementsTerms & Conditions
  • EVDO Rev. B data service of up to 9.3Mbps on downlink / 5.4Mbps on uplink.
  • WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. Supports MicroSD Card up to 32GB.
  • Plug n’ share, no need to open any software, just plug in the USB and start surfing or creating your own Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • EVO USB Wi-Fi modem.
  • Speeds up of to 9.3 Mbps.
  • Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.
  • Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi gadgets simultaneously.
  • Wi-Fi Range:10 Meters (30 Feet).
  • 2200 mAh battery for upto 5 hours of usage.
  • MicroSD slot supports upto 32GB.
  • MicroSD card sharing over the web & data sharing over Wi-Fi.
  • EV-DO REV-B access through an intelligent mobile hotspot.
  • Auto installation
  • Easily portable
  • Windows XP SP2/SP3, Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows 7 MAC OS X 10.5 and 10.7 with latest upgrades Standard USB Interface
  • Monthly Line-Rents are inclusive of all taxes
  • Additional Usage at Rs 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 100/GB on Postpay
  • Starter package is available to both existing & new 3G EVO subscribers.
  • Valid for 3G EVO Wingle & 3G EVO Nitro Cloud device types.

PTCL EVO 9.3 Mbps Packages

Bundle NameData VolumeValidityPrice
5 GB Starter Package5 GB30 DaysPKR 750
10 GB Bundle10 GB30 DaysPKR 1000
15 GB Bundle15 GB30 DaysPKR 1250
25 GB Bundle25 GB30 DaysPKR 1500

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CharJi EVO

Enjoy super streaming and fast downloads with PTCL next-generation broadband.

Current price of Charji EVO is Rupees: 2500.

CharJi EVO Features

  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously (Smartphones, Laptops, Smart TV’s, Video Game Consoles, etc.)
  • Offers 5 hours of battery time on a single charge.
  • Windows & Mac Compatible.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

There are two types of EVO Wingle 9.3 devices available.

  1. CharJi Wingle
  2. CharJi Cloud

PTCL CharJi EVO Packages

Bundle NameData VolumeValidityPrice
20 GB Bundle20 GB30 DaysPKR 1000
30 GB Bundle30 GB30 DaysPKR 1250
50 GB Bundle50 GB30 DaysPKR 1500
75 GB Bundle75 GB30 DaysPKR 2000
100 GB Bundle100 GB30 DaysPKR 2500
How to Buy PTCL CharJi EVO?
Visit any PTCL-Ufone Joint Shop or if you want to order it through courier, visit
Terms & Conditions
  • Additional volume bucket are available in Rs. 500 for 5 GB.
  • Monthly Line-rents are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Additional 5 GB Volume buckets may be availed by registering and signing in to

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