Packages for Internet Access from Zong

Internet Packets from Zong: When compared to other gsm service providers, Zong consistently offers the most affordable and high-quality internet bundles to its clients. As a result, the business is expanding at a rapid pace. We’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison of the top Zong internet plans for the coming year in this post. All Zong internet plans, including prepaid and postpaid ones, were also released, along with all of the associated costs and activation information. Zong offers a variety of internet packages, so you may pick and choose what works best for you.


Zong Internet Packages for the Day

Zong’s clients can choose from a variety of daily net bundles. Internet access for a day with a daily cap of 100 MB costs merely Rs.15 with the entry-level plan. For Rs.35, you get 500 MB of internet with the daily data max package. Subscriptions for daytime and nighttime deals are available as well.

Packages for Internet

Zong Internet Packages for a Day or a Week

The Zong student plan costs just Rs. 5 and includes 30 MB of internet access and unlimited Zong-to-Zong phone minutes. This deal will expire in two hours.

Packages for Internet

Zong Internet Packages for the Week

Weekly Zong internet sim subscriptions let you have unlimited access to the internet for the entire week.

The Super Weekly plan, available for Rs. 100 plus tax, provides users with a weekly internet volume of 2.5 GB. To activate, dial * 6464 # and to see how much data is left, dial * 102 #.

You may receive 7 GB of internet data for 7 days with the Super Weekly Plus for Rs.160 plus tax.

Super Weekly Max provides 25 GB of data for Rs.190 (15 GB (4am – 4pm plus 10 GB for YouTube).

Packages for Internet

Zong Internet Packages for the Whole Month

Zong is, as far as we know, the world’s third largest mobile phone provider, with a network of more than 6,000 sites. It’s the first time 4G technology has been offered in Pakistan. Currently, Zong offers its services in over a hundred cities around China.

Zong’s clients may get low-cost monthly internet bundles from the company. Popular plans include the Mini 150, the Basic 500, the 3GB Premium, and the 15GB Premium. Zong’s Mini 150 internet plan, which costs Rs.50 to subscribe to, is one of the company’s most affordable options. For the duration of the month, you will be given 150 MB of internet data. You can activate the device by dialling *6464#, and you can check the remaining data by dialling *102#.

Zong Internet 6 Months Plan

It’s a one-time deal for bolts or bolts plus hardware alone. Every month, you’ll get 75 GB of data. Airtel offers a Zong internet plan for Rs.10,000.

Packages for Internet

Zong internet plans to use social media to

For the first time in Pakistan, Zong is offering its consumers the finest social packages. You may use Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp for a full day for Rs. 10 with the social bundle. If you only want to use Facebook, you may get a monthly bundle for Rs. 70+Tax by signing up for the Facebook service. To take advantage of this deal, just dial *250# from your phone. Zong now offers a weekly bundle of Rs. 100+Tax for YouTube.You will only be able to use 8 GB of the included internet bandwidth for Youtube. To activate, dial *570 # and then *102 # to see what data is still available. For three days, you can use Instagram for free by simply establishing a new account using your Zong phone number. Take advantage of the Zong Whatsapp deal if you’re a Whatsapp user. For just Rs.30, you can buy a month’s worth of 4 GB of Whatsapp bandwidth. Whatsapp promotion: Dial *247 # to sign up for the Whatsapp promotion.

Packages for Internet

A Bundle of Zong Classified Apps

Find everything you’re looking for on famous classified websites like Zong classifieds, such as Daraz or Lamudi or Kaymu or Carmudi or even PakWheels. Data is limited to 50 MB and costs Rs.5.

Packages for Internet

Extra products and services

The Zong New Sim Offer lets you enjoy 2 GB of free internet for three days when you buy a new sim from Zong. You’ll shortly receive a confirmation message after dialling the *10# number.

You may get 4 GB of internet data for 60 days with the Zong Sim Lagao Offer.

Packages for Internet


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