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Jazz Packages

Mobilink Jazz packages has become country’s one of the biggest mobile operators, serving more than 55 million customers across the country. Its primary goal is to provide millions of customers by providing the tools they need for growth in a rapidly growing digital economy.

Jazz provides continuous connectivity throughout the nation with a variety of customized affordable and convenient tariff plans that provide its customers with the necessary tools and respond to the internet and communication surfing needs of a large number of users.

When we talk specifically about the Internet in the present-day world in which the internet has become the essential requirement of every person. Jazz has come up with thrilling new Daily, Weekly Monthly, Monthly, and many more calls, SMS, and Internet packages.

Jazz packages (Call, Internet, SMS) have been specifically designed taking into consideration what consumers need. These packages are very economical and also practical, so anyone can use them following his needs or budget.

Jazz continues to provide superior services to its clients and has never sacrificed customer satisfaction. Jazz has always tried to go that extra step to provide its customers with a larger portion of what they’re looking for, i.e. Calls, Internet, or SMS Packages.

This is exactly what is what makes Jazz distinct from other mobile network providers across the country. If we think of the reliability, ease of use, and affordability that customers look for before purchasing a SIM on any network one name that pops up to the mind is Jazz without a doubt because it offers all the above features in one place.

Here is a list of the most recent Jazz Internet, Calls, SMS Offers, and Packages with their subscription codes, price, validity deactivation codes, remaining rewards status codes, and more. To make it easier for you to quickly find any package or offer you’d like to activate.

Jazz customers have now the chance to take advantage of an opportunity to take advantage of Jazz Free Social Bundle, a 4GB internet offer (including FREE Facebook and WhatsApp) with each Jazz Super 4G new data SIM, for 30 days.

To avail of the offer all you have to do is go to any nearby Jazz Experience Center and purchase an upgraded Jazz Data SIM. Explore the most recent Jazz Internet Packages to activate your preferred package and keep in touch with loved ones.

Jazz Data SIM Bundles Details (Weekly, Monthly, Long Duration Packages):

jazz packages
Warid Jazz Monthly Internet Call and SMS Package Super Duper Plus

Below, you will find the complete information about all the latest Jazz Data SIM packages with activation codes as well as other information:


Table Of Contents:

  • Jazz Weekly Mega Internet SIM Package
  • Jazz Monthly SMART
  • Jazz Monthly BASIC
  • Jazz Monthly REGULAR
  • Jazz Monthly HEAVY
  • Jazz 3 Months Internet SIM Package
  • Jazz 6 Months Internet SIM Package

1. Jazz Weekly MEGA Data SIM Bundle:

This package offers, 20GB of Internet of which 10GB is only useable between 1AM to 9AM in recharge amount of Rs. 300 Only. Below are the details:

  1. Data 20GB
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 300
  3. Package Validity 1 Week
  4. Usage Duration 10GB (useable anytime) + 10GB (useable only between 1AM to 9AM Daily)
  5. Subscription Code *117*48#
  6. Status Check Code *117*48*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*48*4#

jazz packages

2. Jazz Monthly SMART Data SIM Bundle:

As the name suggests, SMART – this package is extremely useful for those who want to stay connected to the internet in Rs. 600 for 1 whole Month.

  1. Data 15GB
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 600
  3. Package Validity 1 Month
  4. Usage Duration 7.5GB (Useable between 1AM to 9AM)
  5. Subscription Code *117*35#
  6. Status Check Code *117*35*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*35*4#

3. Jazz Monthly BASIC Data SIM Bundle:

Jazz Monthly Basic Data SIM Package gives you the freedom to avail 30GB internet for 1 whole month in only Rs. 999. Here are the details:

  1. Data 30GB
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 999
  3. Package Validity 1 Month
  4. Usage Duration 15GB (Useable between 1AM to 9AM) + 15GB (anytime)
  5. Subscription Code *117*71#
  6. Status Check Code *117*71*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*71*4#

jazz packages

4. Jazz Monthly REGULAR Data SIM Bundle:

With Jazz Regular Data SIM Monthly Bundle, customers can avail 70GB of internet in Rs. 1500/- Only:

  1. Data 70GB
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 1,500
  3. Package Validity 1 Month
  4. Usage Duration 35GB (Useable between 1AM to 9AM) + 35GB (anytime)
  5. Subscription Code *117*73#
  6. Status Check Code *117*73*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*73*4#

5. Jazz Monthly HEAVY Data SIM Bundle:

With Jazz Heavy Data SIM Package, customers can enjoy 150GB internet in just Rs. 2,500/-

  1. Data 150GB
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 2,500
  3. Package Validity 1 Month
  4. Usage Duration 75GB (Useable between 1AM to 9AM) + 75GB (anytime)
  5. Subscription Code *117*74#
  6. Status Check Code *117*74*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*74*4#

6. Jazz 3 Months Data SIM Package:

Jazz 3 Months Data SIM Bundle, offers 36GB Per Month in only Rs. 4,000/- Here are the details:

  1. Data 36GB Per Month
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 4,000
  3. Package Validity 3 Months
  4. Usage Duration 36GB (Useable anytime)
  5. Subscription Code *117*15#
  6. Status Check Code *117*17*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*15*4#

jazz packages

7. Jazz 6 Months Data SIM Bundle:

6 Months Bundle, provides 75GB of lightning fast Jazz Super 4G Internet in just Rs. 10,000/- Please find details below:

  1. Data 75GB Per Month
  2. Recharge Amount Rs. 10,000
  3. Package Validity 6 Months
  4. Usage Duration 75GB (Useable anytime)
  5. Subscription Code *117*16#
  6. Status Check Code *117*18*2#
  7. Unsubscribe Code *117*16*4#

Terms & Conditions:

  • On re-activation within package validity, any remaining MBs / GBs will be added & validity will be as per new package
  • Multiple subscriptions of 3 months & 6 months packages are not allowed, users can simultaneously activate any other package
  • In case of 3 & 6 Months bundles, volume quota will not be carried forward from one 30day cycle to another, for instance; any remaining MBs will expire after each cycle
  • All bundles are once off and will not be auto subscribed
  • Internet packages can be subscribed and consumed in 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • For Recharge and Package subscription, users can visit nearest Jazz Retailer
  • Actual internet speed will depend on various factors i.e. device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from site etc
  • Dedicated MB quota for night usage (1am-9am) will be consumed first, once night quota is consumed MB usage will be done from quota available for 24hrs
  • Subscribers will get subscription, usage notification SMS on their Data SIM number
  • PAYG & Overage charging is not allowed on DATA SIM, customers will need to subscribe to packages for uninterrupted internet connectivity
  • For further assistance, please visit https://www.jazz.com.pk/ or dial Jazz Helpline 111


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