Jazz Data SIM Packages [2021]

Jazz offers a wide range of packages in its data SIM. There are numerous bundles available including weekly, monthly, and even with long validity. 3-months and 6-months bundles are also part of these offers. You can also get social, YouTube, and nighttime offers in Jazz Internet SIM.

If you use a different network connection but want to enjoy the blazing 4G speed of Jazz internet. You should consider Jazz Internet SIM. You can use it on your handset, tablet, or even on a laptop. Jazz provides FREE 4GB data for Facebook and WhatsApp on purchasing a new data SIM for 30 days.

Jazz data sim packages

Jazz Internet Data SIM Weekly Packages

Many bundles and offers are waiting for you if you want to activate a weekly offer. From low to heavy users, and with less to high price, the company has covered all subscribers. Social and YouTube bundles are also available in weekly offers if you only need social, or a package just for YouTube.

Bundle NameData VolumePriceActivation Code
Weekly Streamer1GBRs. 95*117*7#
Weekly Premium3GBRs. 147*117*47#
Weekly Mega7GBRs. 200*159#
(10GB 1AM - 9AM)
Rs. 266*117*48#
Weekly Social5GB
(Facebook, IMO + Whatsapp)
Rs. 60*660#
Weekly YouTube5GB (YouTube)Rs. 80*570#
Weekly Extreme5GB
(2 AM to 2 PM)
Rs. 85*117*14#

Jazz Internet Data SIM Monthly Packages

There are several data packages available in monthly offers. Starting from 4GB in Monthly Starter, Jazz offers up to 150GB in Monthly Heavy bundle. So, that means if you need only a few GBs for normal use or a big amount of data is your requirement, Jazz has all types of bundles available. Moreover, if you only need social or a time–restricted package, no worries, they are also part of monthly buckets.

Bundle NameData VolumePriceActivation Code
Monthly Starter4GBRs. 215*117*77#
Monthly Mega8GBRs. 375*117*31#
Smart15GBRs. 533*117*35#
Basic25GBRs. 888*117*71#
Regular60GBRs. 1333*117*73#
Mega100GBRs. 1778*117*36#
Heavy150GBRs. 2222*117*74#
Monthly Extreme10GB
(2AM to 2PM)
Rs. 150*117*34#
Monthly Social6GB
(Facebook, IMO + Whatsapp)
Rs. 133*117*45#

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Jazz Long Validity (3-Months & 6-Months) Data Bundles

If you don’t want to subscribe to these data packages time and again rather you want to get a bundle once for all. Jazz is always there to introduce such comforts for you. With a 3-months or 6-months bundle, now you can fulfill your date needs for more than a month or two.

3-Months Bundle

Data Volume50GB Every Month
Recharge Required5500
Activation Code*117*15#

6-Months Bundle

Data Volume100GB Every Month
Recharge Required12000
Activation Code*117*16#

Terms and Conditions

  • Enjoy LNO data incentive of 50GB in Mega Bundle and 75GB in Heavy Bundle for 1am to 1pm for all new subscriptions from 21-Mar-2020.
  • All bundles are once off and will not auto subscribe.
  • User can subscribe and consume data in 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • For Recharge and Bundle subscription, customer can visit nearest jazz retailer or use dial code from Data Sim.
  • Dedicated MB quota for night usage (1am-9am) will be consumed first, once night quota is consumed MB usage will be done from quota available for 24hrs.
  • Customer will get subscription, usage notification SMS on their Data SIM number.
  • PAYG & Overage charging in not allowed DATA SIM, customers need to subscribe bundles for uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • On re-subscription within bundle validity, any remaining MBs will be added & validity will be as per new bundle.
  • Multiple subscriptions of 3 month & 6 month bundle are not allowed, users can simultaneously subscribe to any other bundle.
  • In case of 3 & 6 Month bundle, volume quota will not be carried forward from one 30day cycle to another, i.e any remaining MBs will expire after every cycle.
  • Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from site, etc.

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