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Zong Internet Packages Detail And Description

In Pakistan, Zong is a cellular operator that has expanded dramatically in the previous ten years. With cellular mobile phone and data services including 2G, 3G, and 4G, it has changed and grown.

The company’s goal is to provide 4G LTE to a broad percentage of the market at affordable pricing while maintaining high dependability. Zong is a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation, the world’s largest telecom firm.

This implies that the corporation is always pushing the envelope in order to provide more to its 26 million members in Pakistan’s major cities.

As a result, they go to great lengths to provide internet packages that cater to a wide range of customers.

PostPaid Internet Packages from Zong

Zong Internet Packages

The postpaid zong internet packages are meant to provide a combination of Internet Data, On-net minutes, Off-net minutes, and SMS in bundles that may be customised to meet a variety of demands.

1- Z1500 Package

For a monthly line fee of Rs. 1,095 minus tax and a minimum security deposit of Rs. 3,000, this package includes 8GB of data, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 800 Free Off-Net Minutes, and 4,000 SMS.

2- Z900 Package

A bundle that includes everything an above-average user would require. With a monthly fee of RS. 657 plus tax, you get 4GB of data, unlimited on-net minutes, 500 off-net minutes, and 2,000 SMS. A Rs. 2,000 security deposit is also required.

3- Z500 Package

This is an excellent bundle for your below-average user, since it includes 2GB of data, 1,500 On-net minutes, 250 Off-net minutes, and 1,000 SMS for Rs. 365 plus tax. There is also a Rs. 1,000 security deposit.

4- Z300 Package

Ideal for the occasional user, this plan includes 1GB of data, 500 On-net minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, and 500 SMS for Rs. 300 plus tax and a Rs. 1,000 security deposit.


Zong’s internet packages come with a variety of add-ons, most of which are in the form of more data.

– 2GB Zdata

Users may purchase an additional 2GB of data for Rs.250 plus tax, which will remain until the end of their payment cycle.

– 6GB Zdata

Users may purchase an additional 6GB of data for Rs. 600 plus tax, which would be valid until the end of their payment cycle.

– 10GB Zdata

Customers may purchase an extra 10GB of data for Rs. 800 minus tax, which will be valid until the end of the payment cycle.

Prepaid Internet and SMS Bundles from Zong

Zong has once again tried to provide a diverse range of prepaid plans to meet the demands of a wide range of customers.

1- Economy Package

This phone has a 60-second charging pulse, costs Rs. 1.80 for on-net/off-net calls, Rs. 1.30 for SMS, Rs. 4 per MB for data, and has a happy hour.

2- 20 Seconds Package

This phone has a 20-second charging pulse and charges Rs. 1.65 per minute for on-net and off-net calls. SMS costs one rupee, while data costs four rupees per megabyte.

3- Circle Package

This phone has a 30-second charging pulse and costs Rs. 2.00 per minute for on-net/off-net calls, Rs. 0.50 for SMS, and Rs. 4.0 per MB for data.

4- Flutter Package

This provides a 60-second charge pulse, and on-net/off-net calls cost Rs. 1.80 per minute, SMS costs Rs. 1.30, and data costs Rs. 4.0 per MB, with a happy hour promotion.

5- Zong 30

This provides a 30-second charge pulse, with on-net/off-net calls costing Rs. 2.00 per minute, SMS costing Rs. 1.30, and data costing Rs. 4.0 per MB, with happy hour available.

SMS Bundles

i- Daily SMS and Whatsapp Bundle

This bundle costs Rs.3.99 plus tax and includes 500 SMS per day, 100 MMS per day, and 1MB data per day, as well as a 30 Mb Whatsapp allotment. It is good till 12 a.m. the next day.

ii- Zuly SMS  Bundle

Users receive 500 SMS and 1 Mb each day for Rs. 2.50 + tax, however it is only good till midnight the same day.

iii- Weekly SMS Bundle

It costs Rs. 14 plus tax and includes 1,200 SMS, 1 MB of data, and a 200 MB Whatsapp quota. This package is only available for a week.

iv- Monthly Whatsapp and SMS Bundle

Users get 500 SMS and 30MB data each day for Rs.50 + tax, which is good for 30 days.

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