Most Easy Ways to get Advance 2021 (Jazz-Zong-Telenor-Ufone-Scom)

Loan or Advance is a specific amount which your cellular company provides you in a situation where you don’t have resources to top up your mobile. Every company provides different amount as loan or advance and they do have charges for this service.

We are going to discuss the process of how can you get advance credit of any company (Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone and Scom) so you can get benefit in any emergency situation.

how to get advance loan

Jazz Loan-Jazz Advance

Jazz is the first company in Pakistan to introduce double advance. That means you get a second-time advance without returning your first one. As a result, you get rupees 30 as Jazz advance if you utilize this service two times.

Jazz Advance Code

Jazz Advance CodeAmountEligibilityService Charges
*112#PKR 15Balance should be less than Rs:100PKR 4.60+T

To get Jazz Loan or simply called Jazz Advance,  dial the code *112# and you will receive rupees 15 balance in your account.  This offer can be obtained anytime when your credit is less than 100. The balance will be posted anytime in the next 4 hours as per company policy; however, it takes just seconds when you dial this code your account is topped up with credit immediately. Charges of Jazz Advance are Rs:4.60+Tax.

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Zong Advance

Zong gives rupees 25 as Zong Advance to its subscribers. That is undoubtedly a significant amount in an emergency. You can get this amount anytime when your balance is below rupees 20.

Zong Advance Code

Zong Advance CodeAmountEligibilityService Charges
*911#PKR 25Balance should be less than Rs:20PKR 3.50

To avail Zong Advance, dial the code *911# from your dial pad or send a blank SMS or type “Rescue” and send it on to 911. As soon as this process is completed, you’ll get rupees 25 in your account. The price of Zong Advance service is 3.5 rupees. Service charges will be automatically deducted on the next recharge.

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Ufone Advance

Ufone provides Rs: 20 in terms of Ufone Advance.  You can get U-Loan simply by dialing *456#.  Once you dial this code, you’ll get Rs: 20. You can only get U-Loan if your balance is under rupees 20.

The fee for this service is Rupees: 4.40 that is inclusive of tax.

Ufone Advance Code

Ufone Advance CodeAmountEligibilityService Charges
*456#PKR 20Balance should be less than Rs:20PKR 4.40

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Telenor Advance – Emergency Load

Telenor emergency load offers Rs: 20 as Telenor Advance. The customer can get this loan by dialing the code *0#, and Rs: 20 are posted into his account. This balance cannot be transferred. Service charges are rupees 5.3 (inclusive of tax), which is automatically deducted on the next recharge.

Telenor Advance Code

Telenor Advance CodeAmountEligibilityService Charges
*0#PKR 20Balance should be less than Rs:10PKR 5.30

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Scom Emergency Loan

Scom is a telecom operator mostly functional in hilly and extreme regions of Gilgit Biltistan and AJK. Like all other cellular operators, Scom also provides the facility of an emergency loan to its customers. So, its customers can also get the benefit of Scom emergency loan in an urgent situation.

Scom Advance Code

Scom Advance CodeAmountEligibilityService Charges
*135#PKR 15Balance should be less than Rs:5PKR 2
 In order to avail Scom emergency loan, the customer needs to dial *135#.  15 rupees are awarded as emergency loan. If you are a Scom customer, you can only obtain this facility when your balance goes down to rupees 5. The fee for the Scom emergency loan is only PKR 2. The company automatically takes away this amount on the next recharge.

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