Latest Balance Save/Lock Code [Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone & Warid]

Welcome to our guide about balance save code. In this article, we are going to share the Balance save/lock code of all networks (Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone, Warid).

All the cellular networks offer a variety of internet packages for their customers. But with the introduction of blazing 4G services in most parts of the country, you may use your data more quickly or you may turn on your data when you don’t have purchased an internet package.

 If you consume data without subscribing to a data package or after your data package is over, your mobile balance will be zero in a moment. 

Here, balance saved code can help! So without any further ado let’s go and grab the balance save code for your network to lock your balance.

balance saved / lock code Jazz Zong Telenor Ufone Warid

Jazz Balance Save/Lock Code

Jazz the largest cellular network of Pakistan offers a free code to save & lock your balance.

What's the Code?
  • Open your dial pad and dial this code.
  • Then, press send button.
  • There are no charges on the subscription of this service.

Jazz Doosra (Virtual) Balance Account

Jazz has also introduced another service named Jazz Doosra Balance Account. With this service, you can hide/lock your balance from the main account. So, your available balance will be shifted to doosra (virtual) account. Certainly, this can’t be used for any activity be it call, SMS, or data usage.

What's the Code?

How to deposit the balance into Jazz Doosra Balance Account?

To deposit the balance into Doosra Balance Account you need to dial *869# from your phone’s dial pad. Now reply with 1.

You can keep a maximum of Rupees 100 in the Jazz Doosra balance account. There are no charges applicable on shifting your balance from your main account to Doosra Balance Account.

How to withdraw balance from Jazz Doosra Balance Account?

You can withdraw your balance from the Jazz Doosra Balance Account by dialing the code *869#. After you receive the response from Jazz, reply with 2 to withdraw your balance. Withdrawal charges are Rs:1.2.

How to unsubscribe from Jazz Doosra Balance Account?

You can unsubscribe from the Jazz Doosra Balance Account service. Dial *869# and then reply with 3 to unsubscribe from this service.

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Zong Balance Save/Lock Code

Zong the fastest growing cellular network of Pakistan presents a code and that is absolutely free to save & lock your mobile balance.

What's the Code?
  • Zong Balance Saved Code from your keypad.
  • Select “Prepaid.”
  • Now dial “1” & Subscribe.
  • That will activate “Zong 4G Management Service.”
  • You will receive an SMS for confirmation.

You can activate this service from the Zong My App. Just to mention here, it will not help you to stop calling or save credit if you run out of minutes or SMS.

You need to go to the Home page of the App and scroll down where you find the Balance Save icon. Simply tap on this icon and it will ask you to Subscribe Now. Just click Subscribe Now button and you are done. No charge are applicable.

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Telenor Balance Save/Lock Code

Telenor is one of the major cellular company operating in Pakistan. Telenor doesn’t offer any specific code to its customer in order to lock or save their balance.

I checked some of the articles and videos that are presenting *7799# code to save your Telenor balance but that’s wrong!! Through this code, you can check the availability of 3G/4G in your area and cannot lock your balance.

There are some other ways to save your Telenor balance. Let’s explore them.

Method 1

So, the first method to save your Telenor balance is to Activate Pay G Blocker Service.

  • Dial 345 from your mobile.
  • Reply with “1” to confirm.
  • Now the network will verify.
  • You will receive a confirmation message.
  • This service costs Rs: 10.

Method 2

Another way to save your balance can be to find the list of all your apps. Check those apps whose package you have so and Uncheck those apps whose package you don’t have.

  1. Go on the Settings.
  2. Open Wirelesses and Network. (This option may differ on different mobile brands e.g Network setting, More >network setting, Mobile Network.)
  3. Then tap on Mobile Data.
  4. Mobile Data setting should appear. Then tab on Network App.
  5. Now you can see a list of all your installed apps on your mobile.

Check marks on the corresponding apps for their access to mobile data. e.g if you have the data package for Facebook and WhatsApp only then you have to check mark on Facebook and WhatsApp apps only. That means only these apps can use your data. Now the unchecked apps won’t use mobile data.

Method 3

A simple solution to save Telenor balance when data remains on is to activate Telenor Bill Shock Offer. This is also known as Balance Bachat Offer. Through this offer, you can get 300MB of internet data in only Rs. 5 for the whole month. Dial the code *503# for activation. Read more about this offer here.

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Ufone Balance Save/Lock Code

Ufone is the leading Pakistani network. We have a code to save/lock the Ufone balance but if it does not work you should check the last method we’ve described in the Telenor section of this article.

What's the Code?

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Warid Balance Save/Lock Code

Jazz and Warid are now the same network. So Warid customers need to dial the same code *275# to save and lock the balance. In case it does not work on the Warid network, we have another code you can try.

What's the code?

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